CSR Checker
CSR 檢查工具

Decode your Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

This tool allows you to check CSRs and view the information contained in them. Simply enter your CSR and the CSR Decoder will do the rest.
此工具允許您檢查 CSR 並查看其中包含的信息。 您只需輸入您的 CSR,CSR 解碼器將完成剩下的程序。

The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Decoder is a simple tool that decrypts information about your Certificate Signing Request to verify that it contains the correct information. CSRs are encrypted messages containing identifying information sent to a Certificate Authority in order to apply for a SSL Certificate.
Your CSR should start with: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and end with: -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----

證書簽名請求(CSR)解碼器是一種解密關於您的證書籤名請求信息的簡單工具,以驗證它是有包含正確的信息。 CSR 是經過加密的信息,它包含了發送到證書發行機構的標識信息,以便申請 SSL 證書。 您的 CSR 可以從以下開始: -----開始證書申請-----並以這個結束:-----結束證書申請-----