Online CSR Generator
網上 CSR 生產器

Easily Generate Your CSR & Private Key
輕鬆生產您的 CSR 和密鑰

CSR - Certificate Server Request - is a file required to create an SSL certificate.
CSR - 證書伺服器請求 - 是創建 SSL 證書所需的文件。

How to generate CSR on-line?

  1. Read instructions and fill in all the gaps using standard characters and click blue button below.
  2. CSR will be shown on the screen.
  3. Copy and paste it to text editor and save it as csr.txt - you will need it after ordering SSL certificate.
  4. The second file will be your private key - you will need it during the SSL certificate instalation. Save it and do not share it with anyone.

如何在網上生產 CSR?

  1. 閱讀說明並使用標準字符填寫所有空白處,然後點擊下面的藍色按鈕。
  2. CSR 將顯示在屏幕上。
  3. 將其複制並粘貼到文字編輯器並將其另存為 csr.txt - 在訂購 SSL 證書後您將需要它。
  4. 第二個文件將是您的密鑰 - 在 SSL 證書安裝期間您將需要它。請保存它,並不要與任何人分享。
Fully qualified domain name of your server. (With or without the WWW).
服務器的完全限定域名。 (有或沒有WWW)。
Legal name of your company or organization.
Division of the organization handling the certificate.