• 1. Single Domain Certificate: E.g. Fill in “” top-level domain, both and will be valid. If fill in, only takes effect;
  • 2. Wildcard Certificate: E.g. Fill in the * under SSL binding domain name. Note that the common name of the CSR file also fills in same domain.
  • 3. SAN\UCC\Multi-Domain Certificate: Only fill in top-level domain name, such as, and provide additional domain name later;
  • 1. 單域名證書: 填寫 頂級域名,就會同時對 和 驗證生效,若填寫 就只有 驗證生效;
  • 2. Wildcard 證書: 下方 SSL 綁定域名填寫*,注意 CSR 證書請求文件的通用名稱也填此域名
  • 3. SAN\UCC\Multi-Domain 證書: 只需填寫頂級域名,例如,後續提交時會要求提供額外域名名稱;

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Warning: The application will not be accepted in the following cases.

  • 1. The domain name of the SSL digital certificate product is not registered / expired, and domain is not valid;
  • 2. The code signature product from individual applicant (exclude individual industrial and commercial households);
  • 1. SSL 數字證書產品綁定域名未備案(含已備案但過期)、域名未實名制;
  • 2. 代碼簽名產品申請人為個人(不含個體工商戶);

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